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Before setting up Hydrogenium in 2005, Nico Tiel worked at a gas research company called Gastec for fifteen years. At Gastec, which was later taken over by KIWA, he learned to know an industry using a wide range of disciplines, from mechanics to fluid dynamics, from chemistry to law, etc.

He was also involved in drawing up European standards for boilers and air heaters. As secretary of CEN/TC 179, he was responsible for final editing of around 4000 pages of standards in English, French and German.

Hydrogenium TT is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Groningen (Netherlands). The terms and conditions recommended by the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators are applicable.



As for the cost of translations, expect a bit less than €60 per page for texts dealing with energy production and utilisation. Proofreading costs around €10 per page.

Hydrogenium TT conducts business essentially through the internet.  The mailbox is checked constantly : Beschrijving: Beschrijving: E:\Documents\HydroTT\adm,mkt,BV\webstek\button_mail.jpg

If necessary, Hydrogenium TT can also be reached at +31.651.79.54.88, or Noorderhaven 1011, 9712 VR Groningen, Netherlands.